A New School Year Begins

Back to School

Back to school they go!

I do believe I was more excited than the children to get up this morning.

Yet the reality has hit me hard, I am a shit mum in the mornings!

At the best of times, I am no morning person, school, work days seem to be harder to get out of bed than weekends, perhaps I never grew out of the teenage years.

I had for me planned, prepared as much as I could for this morning, but in reality I had not done enough.

Uniforms for three were ready, labeled with a cheeky permanent marker, though as the jumpers are brand new and expensive, I am considering sewing in labels too.

If anyone knows me well, knows I do not sew, needles just play havoc with my eyes, I have no idea why and my fingers turn into thumbs.

Mums that coffee after the school run


Organised Chaos

So I have always tried to be organised on school mornings, it just never works out well.

This morning was no different, suddenly late last night was the email to say the girls needed PE kit, the new kit has not arrived, so this morning I was scrabbling around trying to locate and find their old kit to use.

My youngest Bolt takes after me with being totally grumpy and not a morning person, in fact we have often been late due to battles between us over him going to school with something in his tummy. He does not like breakfast when he wakes up, he would quite happily wait until mid morning and yet I loathe sending him in to school not having eaten anything. It has even come down to buying cereal bars so he can eat in the car if he will.

Pack lunches were quite straight forward, but again I need to work on them, as do not like the variety they end up having in their bags. I would also like to pre prepare them the night before.

Shiny shoes and clean clothes, hair all brushed and teeth clean, it must be the start of a new School year!


Proud Mother Moment

How very proud I felt, but I apologise to my neighbours for the shouting, as these three innocent, happy looking children, were not in the mood for photographs, so instead of listening to me stand by the door, all three went and sat in the car, so I explained that this is one of the joyous things for me as their mum, to have this day to look back on, you know the only day they will all look clean smart, no scuffed shoes or stained clothing, in fact I didn’t explain I probably yelled it!

School shoes with laces, the bane of my life. I will forever be saying, do your shoe laces up!

Arguments over choices

So this one above, Badger is my little strong willed, determined, feisty Tomboy, she would not dream of wearing a cardigan, though I did offer to buy one.

We had a bit of disagreement in the shoe shop over her choice, I do not mind that they are boys shoes, but I did mind the style. Twice already I have had to tell her to do her shoe laces up, this will continue for as long as the shoes last, which had better be until next August.

The look of utter annoyance for making this girl get out of the car!

Who is the Parent!

Occasionally I really question if they ever listen to me, then one of them gives me a look or says something to stump me, that is when I know they did hear me and yet chose to not answer. Be careful what we say, for you never know when one of them will quote you word for word telling me off, it was like listening to myself when Foxy said ‘You are going to make us late, this is not important, Hurry up!’


My son would love to go to Hogwarts School if given a choice.

Hats off to Teachers and Home educators

I have nothing but the utmost respect for those that choose to teach children. Giving them options and choices, patience and the thirst to seek knowledge and gain truer understanding of how everything works around the world.

Without the patience, understanding and care it takes to help motivate and teach our young, then our children would grow uneducated and slightly wild, with less understanding how anything works.

Those that choose to teach at home, have an amazing ability to recreate a class room, but often in an environment that better suits the individual style, often being able to spend more time outside or visiting local places.

End of last term, just over the summer holidays they appear to of grown taller!


Things to Improve on!

Things to improve on, well where to start –

  • Getting up earlier
  • Having uniform ready the night before
  • Taking uniform off as soon as home from school
  • Having dinner at a reasonable hour
  • Getting homework done before going out to play
  • Leaving early to avoid any traffic jams
  • Packing the right stuff, PE kits, homework, swimming kit in bags the night before

New Term New Rules

  • Packed lunches packed the night before
  • Homework completed on the day or as soon as possible, not left to the last minute
  • No wearing of school uniform, except in school
  • No wearing of school shoes after school
  • Looking at the Calender every day to see what is on when
  • Being early or on time always!

Reflections on the first day back to school

I have enjoyed going back to routine, but like I admit in the beginning my organisational skills at home have something to be improved and worked on. I have a friend who has said to go back to being as if I was a Nanny, so that is my aim.

Watch this space!

The children came out of school all happy, and the thing that made me so inwardly joyous was they were all still so clean. All seem happy with their teachers and class friends, Foxy went into year 6 so one of the oldest and has become a Buddy to one of the youngest in school.

A few things have changed, routines and teachers have swapped classes, but a change can be a positive. The new uniform, is lovely and once the teething hiccups of orders arriving late, it too will be smoother running ordering it.




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