About Me

Boscastle cobbled walk

My Approach

Life is a journey of ups and downs, twists and turns, here we are looking at it as a rollercoaster, our journey through life.

A glass half full, well who wants an empty one, type of personality.

Ready to try new things, take new paths and go for simplicity of adventures.

Our Story

Having left school at 16, I looked after children for 17 years as a Nanny, travelled the world when I could, then went on to have my own 4 children.

We have each other, loving the adventures shared and the celebrations, I as a mother am so lucky to have my children and they own my heart.

They can be testing, making me pull my grey hair out at times, but that is good times too, for who wants grey hair!

Meet the Team

Sadie aka Mum aged 47 years young, slave to the rest of them, though I prefer to think of myself as Boss!

Then we have my 3 Cool Kits to be known as

Foxy aged 10, loves girly feminine colours, clothes, shopping, music, arts & crafts.

Badger aged 9, is a tomboy who will not be seen in anything pink or purple, she loves football, pop music and is very active, though will be found doing creative work with her sister.

Bolt, as in Lightening Bolt he tells me is 7 years old and a proper little man, who has no fear, likes to scare the rest of us, enjoys being outside no matter the weather and has an amazing imagination.

Sadie Quinton

Founder & CEO

The girl who likes to do it her way!

Miss Annie

Vice President


This Cat is the real Boss!

3 Cool Kits

The Kids

My reason for getting out of bed, turning grey & having no money!

Starting over

They say Rome was not built in a day, they also say the early bird catches the worm, I am full of contridicitions and variety is the key to life.

To begin