Back to School Shopping Challenges

Back to School Shopping

Seriously is it just me, or does anyone else get incredibly blue and down with the challenges of getting the kids ready for a New School Year?

I have put it off, until the end of the holidays, partly due to costs, partly due to not wanting to face the headache of sorting it all.

It is specially challenging, as our school is changing the uniform slightly and I need to make sure that the children look amazing for the first day back to school photos.


School Shoe Shopping is not fun!

Shopping for shoes, has to be the most awful experience when we have children, I mean seriously does anyone enjoy school shoe shopping?

I went to Clarks shoe shop, out of choice, for last September, I bought two of my children Clarks shoes and the other one got much cheaper ones from a cheaper shop, mainly because nothing in Clarks was comfortable on her, she was being very fussy, so I ended up taking her into a cheaper shoe shop.

Cheaper shoe shops can be great if you don’t have much money as a place to get some shoes or trainers, even wellyboots, but sadly in all honesty, the school shoes lasted my daughter 5 weeks, she completly wore them out and then went through another three pairs in the school year.

The other two with Clarks shoes did not need another pair for school all year, in fact they were still wearing their shoes just last week in the school holidays.


Getting the Children to come shopping

Getting the children to all agree to come shopping is a challenge in itself, we left two hours later than I planned, seriously my head was already pounding.

I put a brave smile on and took them to Reading, I am not sure what I was thinking, literally walked into Clark’s shoe shop and went to turn around and walk straight out!

but you know something, hats off to Clarks, for there was a lady near the entrance, advising that it was not as bad as it looks and that it would be a maximum 10 minutes to be served.

Inside Clark’s Shoe Shop

I was sceptical, the noise and amount of people inside the shop, with small children seemigly running wild all around, I was ready to leave, but thought I would see if the lady at the entrance was correct or not.

It turned out after taking our numbered ticket, that the wait for an assistant was just 5 minutes.

I had a heavy heart knowing that at least one of my children would find fault with all the shoes available in their size, but it was me that was being very fussy.

The noise did not abate, the crowds of parents and children did not recede, but the lovely assistant Sarah 188 was truly AMAZING, she dealt with my children, she was super patient and she listened to me saying I could not afford £55 for a pair my daughter loved.

We walked out with all three children having brand new school shoes and no tantrums as previous years, I am beginning to think they really are growing up.


When the School changed the Logo

So our school has decided to update the old logo and introduce a new uniform, hopefully something that will wear better on the children.

I have finally ordered for all three the new PE kits, polo tops and tops that they need from the designated shop online.

Then to help cut costs, I have gone to a supermarket for the rest of the items needed, school skirts, that my daughter would like below her knee, tricky to find when she is so tall. Also the hardest one to buy for is Badger, for my little Tomboy is a real fusspot, I am still waiting for bits to arrive, but trousers I bought she looked amazing in, she has refused to wear.

My challenge has not ended, we have five days to get the rest of the items on our list.

Wish me luck, I have a feeling I am going to need it with Badger. I also need to find Bolt a new lunch box, as he will be starting to have packed lunches with his sisters this term.

Roll on the September 6th.

Sarah assistant 188 Clarks Shoe Shop in Reading






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