Confession about Dress Sense

I have a confession to make!

Today I have a confession, I have the worst dress sense I know.

For years, I loved bright, bold, colourful prints and I wore it all.

I have a wonderful friend, who no matter what size or mood, she would always, always turn out stylish, co-ordinated and looking beautiful.

We travelled the world, spent lots of time together and in fact had many wonderful, happy memories and have photographs to remind us of our adventures.

Looking back you can see me in a Disney t-shirt and M would be in a plain one. #whatmamaworemonday a weekly linky run by and

When it clicked

A few years back, I finally plucked up the courage to ask M what her secret was, how did she always look so polished.

She kindly pointed out, I would be the one in the top with cartoon characters on or bold prints, where as hers were plain and matched or toned well.

It was like a sudden bolt, since then I have tried to steer away from cartoon tops, from wacky outfits, but still I can end up wearing a mish mash of clothes, that really should not be seen together.

M would never put half the things I do on, she would never ever wear odd combinations, I just seem not to help myself, I think if it is comfy it will do.

I do however try my best when going somewhere out, or special, but I ultimately leave everything to the last minute, I always have, I am trying to change that, so far it is not going to plan.

I am who I am

A lovely vivacious, body confident, lady named Kate sadly died quite suddenly a week ago and it rocked the Blogging community a lot.

I met Kate a few times through various blogging events we both attended, the last one was two years ago, where we talked single parenthood, losing weight and dating. We also recently spoke online about the dating scene, she was always someone who gave things ago, who made others feel positive.

Kate exuded confidence, she also shared her ups and downs and her journey through life.

Her main two loves of her life were her precious sons.

It hit home for me, as we were the same age, both lone parents. Kate was different, she believed in doing something if you wanted, eat it if you fancied and wear it if you like it.

I have taken on the mantra, that the blogging world shared in Kate’s honour #BeMoreWitWitWoo , it is her legacy, well her boys are, but for the rest of us, no matter what shape, size, be more positive about ourselves.

I am going to be more true to me, sharing my journey and not just sharing the most flattering of images.

The future

My body, is not how I wish it, so only I can do something about it and for that I need to lose some weight.

I am a fairly confident individual, I have not really had a problem with confidence for many years now, though I do suffer with self doubt at times, specially when it comes to what to wear.

I am looking forward to the next journey in my life, at 47 years young, I have a lot of adventures still to come.

The biggest battle is fighting the weight issue, so I joined yet again, Slimming world a few weeks back, it is coming down slowly, it could be an age thing or just my body being stubborn, which is typical of me.

Here is to the future, here is raising a glass to a wonderful, vivacious woman Kate, also known as WitWitWoo. To her for bringing so many together and pushing us all out of our comfort zones.

Let the adventure begin in this new chapter I write. We all can do, start a new chapter in our lives. So if you are reading this and would love to be able to do something, wear it, eat it, then go do it.

Do you have any hang ups, confession even or is it just me?


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