Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker

Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker

The girls were very excited to be sent a Friendship Bracelet Maker, from KumiKreator by Cool Maker.

It is an amazing little set, and this set enables you to make up to 10 friendship bracelets, with so many different designs, or make one of your own up.

The girls were all eager to get started, having many friends, they started by saying who they wished to make one for.

I actually wish friendship bracelets had been around when I was younger, they are so lovely to show you friends you care.

For the girls this was a great way to show their friends, how much they care, with it being friendship day on August 5th this year.

On opening the box, the girls had a look through and found the design booklet, where they then could see what the designs were and choose one each to make for their friends.

The colours of the spoole cottons are bright and colourful, a really lovely selection.

There was not much to set up, just a case of connecting the arm into a slot into the base and then a case of placing the spools matching the design set out clearly in the design booklet.


Intially it was a bit fiddly working out how to put the spools in each slot, but once you click it in place it was quite easy.

The girls found working together good fun, both choosing different designs and checking the measurements as they went along.


You need to put the little clasp stickers on either end to keep it all in place, whilst you then add an end cap to stop the clasps from just slipping off.

The joy when it was completed was lovely to see, the girls have now asked me to order some more spools, which I will do, as these are lovely to share with friends, but also have friends over to help create their own designs.

You can get them on Amazon for around £29.99 you can also buy replacement sets for £9.99 making an extra 12 sets

This really is a lovely set from Cool Maker and we would give it 10/10




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