Hairdorable Dolls have landed

Hairdorables have landed

Hairdorables, what is this you speak of, you may well ask.

Well let me tell you about the next collectable Doll that has just recently hit the market.


Visiting WestField Shopping center in London

We were very lucky to be invited along to a special event.

Hairdorables were now coming into the shops and The Entertainer Store has them in, so a team invited some bloggers along to go and enjoy some fun and experience being like one of the popular Hairdorable dolls.

Their Motto is Big Hair – Don’t Care!

I love them for being so colourful and fun, the hair is incredible too.


Hairadorables Series 1

In series 1 of Hairdorables, there is actually 36 different dolls to collect.

There is three different variations of the one character, which makes it good fun to play out different stories with your dolls we have found.

So that makes twelve characters, all with Big Hair and different accessories.


A Fun Morning for all

I have to say the team were lovely who showed us the dolls, they even let some of the children do an unboxing whilst in the store.

Even I got to join in with the dressing up and trying to be like one of the characters, Harmony.

It was a jolly fun morning, meeting up with other Bloggers and catching up with my lovely friend Vicki and her daughter Tilly.



Collectable Toys

My children love the mystery of unboxing toys, never knowing who or what toy will be inside.

I think most parents, carers will of heard, seen or bought a collectable toy of some variety.

We have quite a few collections, my children would love more and more, some of the larger ones are quite expensive, costing over £50

What I was delighted with these new dolls, is the quality, the size and the price.

The RRP is £15 and with that you get 11 surprises, some are stickers, shoes, accessories and the Doll.

The Doll really is good quality, the size is not something that my daughter will lose easily.

Hair is fun to play with and there is so much Big Hair with these Hairdorables and so bright too.

Multi Uses

On opening the mystery blind box, we discovered that you can keep the box and use it to play with.

It comes as a dressing room.

Including a wardrobe and drawer areas on the sides.

The dolls clothes come off and underneath they seem to be wearing swim wear.



Opening of a Hairdorable Box at Home

For going along to the store and seeing and learning about the new Hairdorables Dolls, Foxy was given a gift of a box to take home.

The excitement, was just as much, as when she was in London seeing them for the first time.

Foxy enrolled her sister Badger and friend Amy to help and show them how to unbox the doll.

We were all very excited to discover Foxy had got Harmony, in fact Harmony Highlights is the one.

Foxy now has the Hairdorables on her dream wish list, so she can add to the collection.



For more information on Hairdorables, why not visit their very own website HAIRDORABLES



Disclosure: We were invited for the launch of Hairdorables, and gifted a doll. But for all purposes, everything we choose to write is in our own words and thoughts, we will only ever be honest in our reviews and transparent. 






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