Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 3

The latest collectibles from the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles has landed.


Collectable toys are so very popular, my children love collecting different ones. Season 3 has over 100 to collect.

Affordable Collectibles toys

Different budgets and occasions are catered for in the variety of bags, boxes you can purchase.

Hatchimals now come in different sizes, which is so handy, from the original big hatching Hatchimals, to now these small delightful pocket sized CollEGGtibles.

Prices start from £2.99 for a little bag containing 1 pack an Egg. Then you have the 2 pack which RRP £4.99 and  4 pack is RRP £9.99 and the wonderful Egg Carton containing 12 is RRP £25


Seriously Cute to Hatch

Hatching the Eggs has to be one of the most entertaining bits, it does not just come down to opening a bag and seeing what it is, you have to work on your egg and heat it up just like a real egg.

My children love the anticipation, so waiting for the heart on the front to change colour, to let you know it is ready to hatch, then watching them hatch gets exciting.

Sorting who was opening which package

When it comes to having more than one child, there is always a bit of a battle over who gets to open what in our home.

I was so pleased that they all sorted who was opening what Hatchimal CollEGGtibles, before I had to get involved, I was hoping to be assigned an odd one, but sadly for me, they did not need my help with opening them. I know next time I will just say they have to let me join in.

Interesting Points to note

Hatchimal CollEGGtibles have 9 different sets to collect, on the sheet that comes with them, is a list and on the pictures will be a different coloured egg around them, which helps to put them into different groups:

  • Savannah
  • Jungle
  • Meadow
  • Farm
  • Forest
  • River
  • Ocean
  • Desert
  • Garden

Then the next thing my children taught me, was that dependent on the wing colours it helps denote if you have a special type of Hatchimal CollEGGtible.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare
  • Limited Edition

Talk about over the moon, we not only got a few sets of twins, but some Ultra Rare and Limited Edition too in our packs.

Amazing News could it be TWINS

Seriously the excitement was immense, when the children realised it might possibly contain Twins in the eggs, it was extra special.

Best news was, that some of the eggs did indeed hold twins, who were not identical, but would have slightly differences, so to be able to tell them apart.


A Brilliant affordable Collectible

Overall I have to say that if you have not come across Hatchimals before, then you are in for a treat.

Not only are they very cute and such variety, they are also affordable and a great gift idea.

I know these will be on my children’s Christmas Wish lists and in fact if they save up their pocket money, there is nothing stopping them adding to their collection sooner.

With over 100 to collect, these are great and my children got to playing with them straight away.

Where to buy them..

You can find them in Supermarkets, online in stores such as Smyths Toys or The Toys Shop also Amazon




Disclaimer : We were sent these products by the makers Spin Master, to review them. All opinions, wording, thoughts on the products are our own.


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