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The Goblet of Fire

Recently Warner Brother Studio tours have changed and added some new props to the tour. Showcasing the fourth instalment of The Goblet of Fire in Harry Potter.

If you have ever thought about visiting and wondering if there would be enough to do and see, let me tell you that there is never enough time to fit it all in!

The detail in each area is so intricate, with such a vast amount of props, that you can go again and again and still miss bits.


Visiting once is never enough for a true Harry Potter fan.

What is so marvelous about the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, is they are constantly changing by adding new pieces.

When we arrived we noticed that a huge building is going up. something exciting is coming next year!

Part of the magic and adding to the whole atmosphere, is the music you will here throughout from various parts of Harry Potter.

The original Goblet of Fire is in the Great Hall, once you make your way through some pretty impressive doors and after walking down past the long dining tables, all laid out as if the children of Hogwarts are about to eat.

At the end is the Goblet from the Triwizard Champions, ready to throw out a piece of paper with a very special name on.

Which you can claim your very own piece as a sovenir just outside the Great hall to keep.


Special effects

Badger loves everything about Harry Potter, so she was the first to spot new things.

I had a problem of keeping up with her and the others in their enthusiasm to see it all.

I thought the Monster book of Monsters was rather scary and yet look at those eyes.

On a few of the exhibits, you can press buttons for them to come alive through animation.

Keeping the magic of believing, is being able to interact and make objects, creatures come alive at the press of a button.

it gives an even clearer picture of how clever the creators and people behind the scenes all work to achieve all the details and so realistic too.

There really is such variety, sometimes the need to re read the book or watch one of the films, to check on an item you may of missed.

Though who needs an excuse to do either, the magic of the books and films make it all spellbinding.

After a couple of hours walking, you come to an eating area, the Backlot Cafe area.

This is a great place have to have a rest, get something to eat and drink and we highly recommend trying the Butter Beer or better still we love the Butterbeer Ice cream.

Bolt loves it so much, he decided to help me eat mine too!

There are two shopping areas, one before you get to the Backlot Cafe, where there are often items on sale, that are not available at the next shop.

It is an amazing experience, one which we will treasure and highly recommend.


My Top Tips for a Visit:

  1. Wear your most comfortable of shoes
  2. Make sure your phone or camera batteries are full, as you will want to take so many photos.
  3. You can buy photographs, from £14 each, or a film of you flying a broomstick from £20
  4. The food in the cafe is priced around £7 for a burger or other main meals, but factor in drinks.
  5. You can buy a Butterbeer sovenir mug or Sundae dish for £6.95 including the Butterbeer or Ice-cream
  6. You can take your own food and drinks, but eat it in the Backlot cafe area, plenty of seating.
  7. Take your time going round, as you can not go backwards.


To Book Tickets visit –

The Goblet of Fire, is available until September 23rd 2018 


Disclaimer: We were invited along for a special Bloggers evening to experience Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, from #WBTourLondon but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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